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Christopher Buckley


Meet Christopher Buckley

Christopher Buckley is a financial expert and business professional based in the New Jersey area. Christopher has decades of experience in his field, with a notable track record of excellence. He recently worked as the Vice President at Bank of America Securities, Inc.

Like many, Christopher Buckley’s professional career began with an education. He attended Susquehanna University, earning his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. However, this was far from the end of Christopher’s education. He also participated at the Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, VA. Here he earned his Juris Doctor degree. Additionally, Christopher Buckley chased several other educational experiences, including summer programs (University of Hawaii School of Law) and field-based experience (Sigmund Weis School of Business, London). Finally, Christopher Buckley has a New Jersey Law License.

About Christopher Buckley

Over the years, Christopher Buckley has held many fascinating positions within the world of finance and law. For example, Christopher spent three years as a Client Sales Associate for Smith Barney, NY. He marketed and sold corporate/municipal bonds, mutual funds, stocks, annuities, and more here. Following this position, Christopher became an Investment Software Analyst for Princeton Financial Systems. This required Christopher to be responsible for web and phone-based service for a global software company. This role led Christopher directly to his next professional opportunity – becoming a Documentation Consultant with Merrill Lynch. This position called for Christopher Buckley to evaluate International Swap Derivative and Master Agreements (ISDAs), identify and match data discrepancies, and work heavily within a larger legal team. Christopher flourished in this role.

Before diving into his most recent professional role, Christopher Buckley spent a few years working for Menna, Supko & Nelson, LLC. During this time, he became an Associate Attorney. Christopher partnered with a team of attorneys on a broad range of activities, including researching, drafting memoranda, analyzing contracts, etc. As part of a larger team, Christopher enjoyed assisting with other cases and assignments. This enabled Christopher to help others – and gain more experience in a broader legal field.

In 2013, Christopher Buckley signed on as Vice President at Bank of America Securities, Inc. He is directly responsible for Swap Dealer Regulatory Implementation and Operational Risk Controls. Christopher has been in this role for nearly a decade, and his work speaks for itself. During this time, he developed operational policies and procedures to assist BAML with reviewing and tracking regulatory regimes. Additionally, Christopher oversaw the completeness, accuracy, and application of counterparty regulatory submissions and data. Christopher is proud of his work, especially as he helped facilitate negotiations and the execution of Dodd-Frank Bilateral Agreements between BAML and clients for the International Energy Credit Association.

Outside of work, Christopher Buckley has many passions and hobbies. In particular, Christopher enjoys gardening, fishing, cooking and bicycle riding. In other words, he loves spending time doing healthy activities that get him outside. Christopher has always appreciated the great outdoors and taking care of his health, likely encouraged by earning the Eagle Scout award through the Boy Scouts of America. Cooking has become a great way to prioritize his health and experiment in the kitchen.

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